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24/1 Prayer: 22 to 23 January 2010

The following prayers were written in the Prayer Log Book during the 24/1 Prayer Time

You may download these prayers as a PDF file.

You may borrow the Prayer Logbook which contains prayers from the 24/7 Prayer in September 2009 and the 24/1 prayer in January 2010. Contact John Callaghan:


24/7 Prayer: Jenny and Dan put up the 'Prayer Wall'     John begins to put the hangings in place in St Peter's for the 24/7 Prayer
Jean sets up the Visitor's Book Some of the Organisations linked to PACT
Dan and John with more hangings in the 24/7 Prayer Room at St Peter's Stewart & John - Steve puts up PACT web site display
The Model of the PACT Churches is in the foreground More of the Organisations linked to PACT
Thanks to all who set up (and took down) the decoration and all those who joined in the Prayers
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