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24/7 Prayer

The 24/7 Prayer Log Book - available to borrow24/7 began at midday on Sunday 20 September 2009 and finished at midday on Sunday 27 September.

We have been really thrilled with the stories coming back to us from the prayer room, many unwritten.  Below we are pleased to reproduce some of the prayer log.  If you have further prayers or stories we should love to add them to this record.  The week has blessed Stuart and myself (John Callaghan) and challenged us as we step out in faith.  If the same has been true for you why not drop us a line.

Best wishes to you all as the Church of Christ in Petersfield chooses to walk together in seeking first the Kingdom of God.

You may borrow the Prayer Logbook which contains prayers from the 24/7 Prayer in September 2009 and the 24/1 prayer in January 2010. Contact John Callaghan:

See photographs of the 24/7 week

Download the thoughts, comments and prayers that were recorded during the week (pdf file - 5 pages)

Below we reproduce some of the thoughts, comments and prayers that were recorded during the week:

Introduction to the Prayer Log Book:

Please add thoughts, prayers, visions and Bible verses.

Our prayers this week will start with a focus on the unity of all Christians in Petersfield. Jesus prayed for us that we might be one.

May God richly bless you as you spend time with him.


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