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Agenda for the Annual General Meeting held at
St Peter’s Church, Petersfield,
on Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 7.30pm

    1. Introduction: Tim Concannon

    2. Apologies for absence

    3. Minutes for last AGM (11.1.17)

    4. Matters Arising

    5. Chairman’s Report: Given by Helen Mason

    6. Accounts: Christine Tully - accounts for PACT & Holiday Club

    7. PACT Welcome leaflet John Studd

8. PACT Partnered and Linked Groups Reports.

          PACT Holiday Club update - what happens next

9. Elections:

a. PACT Convenors Helen & Simon Mason from Life Church and Tim Concannon from St Laurence have agreed to stand for another year.

          b. Treasurer Chris Tully as Treasurer

          c. Richard Saunders St Mary Magdeln Sheet has agreed to be Vice-chair.

          d. Secretary

10. Future dates and events

Service of Unity Sunday 21st January 4:00 pm at St Laurence Catholic Church, Station Road, Petersfield

11. Closing prayer Simon Mason

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