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PACT AGM - Wednesday 23 January 2013

Despite the cold weather and snow still on the ground a number of PACT members and supporters gathered in St Peter's to attend the PACT AGM.

The meeting was chaired by Rosemary Davies who introduced representative from many of the organisations partnered with or linked to PACT. These representative presented the annual report from their organisation and copies were made available for all. You can see all these reports on this web site: go to PACT Annual Reports 2012.

Father Peter Hollins of St Laurence is to be the PACT chairman for 2013 and, as is the custom, he was handed the PACT Bible by the current chairperson, Rosemary Davies.

Rosemary Davies presents the PACT Bible to Father Peter Hollins

The PACT Bible: at the PACT AGM each year the PACT Bible is handed by the
current PACT Chairperson to the next Chair

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