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Messy Church Recipes

16 October 2012: Panackelty

Ingredients - Servings 4


1. Layer onions, corned beef and potatoes in an ovenproof dish, finishing with a top layer of potatoes, seasoning with salt and pepper between each layer. Pour over the oxo stock and cover with a lid or foil.

2. Cook in the pre-heated oven, (Gas mark 5/190C/380F) for an hour, removing the lid/foil for the last quarter of an hour, continue baking until the potatoes are browned and cooked.

3. Serve hot with fresh green vegetables.

May 2017: We tried a new version of Panackelty today, using bacon and chirizo. We friend the bacon first then used it in place of corned beef. We just placed the chirizo on top of the bacon.

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