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Induction of Rev'd Will Hughes as Chair of PACT 2015

A large number of Christians from PACT churches attended the induction of Rev'd Will Hughes as Chair of PACT for 2015 in the St Peter's on Sunday 18 January. Outgoing Chair, John Callaghan, passed on the PACT Bible which has been passed from one Chair to the next since 1968.

The Musicians
The People

Below: The PACT Bible changes hands over the years...

2011         2012
Jean Dowdeswell, Chair 2010, hands the Bible to
John Callaghan, Chair 2011
  John Callaghan, Chair 2011, hands the Bible to
Rosemary Davies, Chair 2012
2013         2014
Rosemary Davies, Chair for 2012, hands the Bible to
Father Peter Hollins
  Father Peter Hollins, Chair for 2013, hands the Bible to
John Callaghan
John Callaghan, Chair for 2015, hands the Bible
to Rev'd Will Hughes
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