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Faith Comment and Friday Focus

This page lists the Faith Comments and Friday Focus articles displayed on the PACT web site. They are organised in alphabetic order by church and then in chronological order. The Chair of PACT and a representative of the Unity Bookshop also contribute an article and these are included.

I am trying to include photographs of all contributors and would be grateful if you could forward head and shoulders photographs to:

All Saint's, Steep

21st October 2009 - Rev'd John Owen, All Saint's: A sense of humour

1st January 2010 - Rev'd John Owen: Making a new start

21st April 2010 - Alistair McConville: Potato tips got me thinking...

30th June 2010 - David Storey: Learning more about suffering

3rd September 2010 - David Storey: Forgiveness and healthy living

24th November 2010 - Rev'd John Owen: Respect

24th December 2010 - Alistair McConville: Christmas Presence

18th February 2011 - David Storey: Growing up as we journey

11th May 2011 - Rev'd John Owen: A country vicar

10th June 2011 - John Owen: Pentecost: the Coming of the Holy Spirit

7th September 2011 - David Storey: What would Jesus have done?

30th September 2011 - Alistair McConville: Swine ethics?

11th April 2012 - Alistair McConville: Easter in Italy

27th June 2012 - Mike Knee, David Storey: God as the Ground of our Being

14th September 2012 - David Storey: Good News for everyone?

14th November 2012 - Rev'd John Owen: Decay, Change and Renewal

7th December 2012 - Rev'd John Owen: Christmas Jam

6th February 2013 - Alistair McConville: Social Glue

15th March 2013 - David Storey: Darwin's Belief and Today

26th June 2013 - Rev'd John Owen: Know yourself

13th September 2013 - Alistair McConville: Exams and authentic living

9th October 2013 - David Storey: What do we dream?

26th February 2014 - Alistair McConville: Floods - ancient and modern

28th March 2014 - David Storey: Words really can help so much

23rd April 2014 - Rev'd Joanna Farrell: Easter Gifts

25th June 2014 - Rev'd John Owen: A muscular Christian

15th October 2014 - David Storey: First steps to becoming a Christian

11th March 2015 - David Storey: Sorting out belief in God

27th May 2015 - Rev'd Joanna Farrell: Come, sit, stay

20th January 2016 - Rev'd John Owen: Loneliness

20th April 2016 - Rev'd Joanna Farrell: All one family

28th September 2016 - David Storey: Faith and Politics

14th December 2016 - Rev'd John Owen: The continuing story

19th April 2018 - David Storey: Responding to Easter

26th September 2018 - , Alistair McConville: Faith

12th December 2018 - Rev'd John Owen: Christmas Visitor

7th April - Magnus Bashaarat: Reflections on Easter

Rev'd John Owen   Rev'd Joanna Farrell   David Storey   Magnus Bashaarat

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Chair of PACT

11th August 2010 - Jean Dowdeswell: PACT (Petersfield Area Churches Together)

 3rd August 2011 - John Callaghan: An answer for burn out?

8th August 2012 - Rosemary Davies: Fitness for Faith

10th July 2013 - Father Peter Hollins: PACT helps community in many ways

18th June 2014 - John Callaghan: Is revenge so sweet?

15th July 2015 - Rev'd Will Hughes: A year of Petersfield Area Churches - Together

13th July 2016 - Tim Concannon: Integrity

11th July 2018 - Tim Concannon: Thinking the Unthinkable

John Callaghan   Rosemary Davies   Fr Peter Hollins   Rev'd Will Hughes

For the years 2016-8 it was agreed that the role of Chair of PACT should be undertaken by three convenors: Tim Concannon, Simon Mason and Helen Mason.

Tim Concannon   Simon Mason   Helen Mason    
Richard Saunders            

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Hope Church

15th February 2012 - Jon Piper: Nobody Mentions the Cookie

27th April 2012 - Jon Piper: It's not you, it's me

 9th May 2012 - Jon Piper: God Made Me Fast

18th July 2012 - Jon Piper: Flawed Heroism

26th September - Jon Piper:- Mountain Tops

5th December 2012 - Jon Piper: Tiny, Little Fractures

9th January 2013 - Jon Piper: New Beginnings

20th March 2013 - Jon Piper: Powerless Fatherhood

26th April 2013 - Jon Piper: Why Music?

31st July 2013 - Jon Piper: History Leads to Freedom

16th October 2013 - Jon Piper: Curry

8th November 2013 - Jon Piper: Accident-Prone Justice

8th January 2014 - Jon Piper: Brilliantly Grey

19th March 2014 - Jon Piper: Angry Dads Not Allowed

28th May 2014 - Jon Piper: A new chapter

8th October - Jon Piper: Fill the Earth and Subdue My Phone

11th February 2015 - Jon Piper: Walking Away From Goodness

30th September 2015 - Jon Piper: Praying for Solutions

16 December 2015 - Jon Piper: The Value of Things

2nd March 2016 - Jon Piper: My Family of Migrants

6th April 2016 - Jon Piper: What's the Worst that Could Happen?

22nd June 2016 - Jon Piper: What Would Jesus Do?

21st September 2016 - Jon Piper: Juggling

2nd November 2016 - Jon Piper: Engage!

7th December 2016 - Jon Piper: Expected Hope

5th April 2017 - Jon Piper: A Presentable Life

9th August 2017- Jon Piper: Keep Paddling

20th September 2017 - Jon Piper: I Love This Town

30th May 2018 - Jon Piper: Teenager Pigeons

20th June 2018 - Jon Piper: Football Angst

8th August 2018 - Jon Piper: Don't Worry

19th September 2018 - Jon Piper: There is No Glamour in Victimhood

5th December 2019 - Jon Piper: Christmas offers hope for those who have none

Jon Piper      

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Life Church Petersfield

25th February 2009 - Simon Mason: Being United

20th May 2009 - Seren Boyd: Change is not a bad thing

22nd July 2009 - Sandra Coombes: Stay bold and don't give up

7th October 2009 - Simon Mason: A Season In Which To Prosper

13th November 2009 - Susanne Irving: Only God knows our path

9th December 2009 - Susanne Irving: Gardening lessons

5th February 2010 - Mike Gibson: The lost art of being still

24thFebruary 2010 - Simon Mason: Quiet Time with God

 5th May - John Studd: Prayers and Ballots

25th June 2010 - Susanne Irving: Building God’s house

21st July 2010 - Simon Mason: Jesus Is Incredible

22nd September 2010 - Richard Bull: Practicing the 'F' Word

1st December 2010 - John Studd: Web Sites ... the Church Notice Boards of the 21st Century?

21st January 2011 - Richard Bull: Hide and seek with God

 9th February 2011 - Susanne Irving: Coping with the "spills" of life

30th March 2011 - Simon Mason: Jesus calms the storm

13th May 2011 - John Studd: Paraskevidekatriaphobia

8th June 2011 - Susanne Irving: Pentecost Reflections

10th August 2011 - Simon Mason: Jesus is the answer

2nd September 2011 - Susanne Irving: Reconciliation

12th October 2011 - John Studd: The Bible – A Word for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

30th November 2011 - Simon Mason: Meeting Jesus

23rd December 2011 - John Studd: Emmanuel

1st February 2012 - Susanne Irving: Star gazing

2nd March 2012 - Simon Mason: Jesus is Incredible

 2nd May 2012 - John Studd: One Day

11th July - Simon Mason: The Special Flame

 3rd August 2012 - Susanne Irving: Moment to shine

12th September 2012 - John Studd: Absolutely!

28th November 2012 - Susanne Irving: Equiped for the journey

4th January 2013John Studd: New Year Resolutions

30th January 2013 - Simon Mason: Heroes

1st March 2013 - John Studd: Life, the universe and everything

3rd July 2013 - Susanne Irving: Focus on what is

3rd August 2013 - Simon Mason: Who do you admire?

11th September 2013 - John Studd: This time tomorrow

20th November 2013 - Simon Mason: Give thanks

3rd January 2014 - Susanne Irving: Lindisfarne Lessons

28th February 2014 - Simon Mason: God will provide

2nd April 2014 - Susanne Irving: Encountering Jesus

2nd July 2014 - John Studd: Worship

10th September 2014 - Simon Mason: The Importance of Smiling

12th November 2014 - Susanne Irving: Looking after our daily bread

10th June 2105 - Paula Hudson: More about cake

2nd September 2015 - Susanne Irving: Overcoming translation issues

18 November 2015 - Simon Mason: Remembering and Responding

13th January 2015: John Studd: Real characters

3rd February 2016 - Susanne Irving: Daring to be real

4th May 2016 - Simon and Helen Mason: Journeying together

8th June, 2016 - P N Hudson: Brexit - a Christian perspective

20th July 2016 - Susanne Irving: Loving our neighbour

10th August 2016 - Paula Hudson: Cats

26th October 2016 - Simon Mason: Being Thankful

16 November 2016 - Susanne Irving: How to stay on the right track

28th December 2016 - Susanne Irving: Wishing you a thoughtful new year

3rd May 2017 - Susanne Irving: Expecting the unexpected

19th July 2017: Simon Mason: Learning from an inspirational lady

18th October 2017 - Susanne Irving: Why do the Alpha course?

27th December 2017 - Simon Mason: Who is my Neighbour?

14th February 2018 - Susanne Irving: Valentine's reflections

18th July 2018 - Simon Mason: How well do we listen?

17th October 2018 - Susanne Irving: Disconnect to reconnect

26th December 2018 - Simon Mason: The Gift of Christmas

13th February 2019 - John Callaghan: People of faith are people of action

24th April 2019 - John Studd: Belief and Proof

1st May 2019 - , Helen Mason: The beauty of the ordinary

Mike Gibson   John Studd   John Callaghan   Simon Mason

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Petersfield Methodist Church

11th February 2009 - Linda Cawsey: You don’t have to Google God

1st April 2009 - Rev'd Peter Barnett: Could be time to look again

6th May 2009 - Linda Cawsey: Topsy-Turvy World

1st July 2009 - Melanie Evans: Have you met with 'Jesus'?

23rd September 2009 - Reg Ward: Parable's Resonance

 7th April 2010 - Rev'd Peter Barnett: Cross talk should not be avoided

19th May 2010 - Linda Cawsey: Systems Meltdown

11th June 2010 - Patsy Robinson: Lesson learned on how to work as a team

15th September 2010 - John Powell: Keep faith for God to honour us

15th October 2010 - Linda Cawsey: Open hearts, open minds

3rd November 2010 - Margaret Powell: Remember the Reason

22nd December 2010 - Patsy Robinson: Living Water

16th February 2011 - Linda Cawsey: Taking the Extra Step

13th April 2011 - Rev'd Peter Barnett: Where is God?

29th April 2011 - Rev'd Peter Barnett: He has risen

15th June 2011 - Patsy Robinson: Who's the boss?

27th July 2011 - Linda Cawsey: The Role Of Angels - What The Bible Says

19th August 2011 - John Powell: All hell let loose

14th September 2011 - Margaret Powell: New Beginnings

23rd November 2011 - Rev'd Jeanette Richardson: Good things come in small packages

16th January 2012 - Patsy Robinson: Freedom

28th March 2012 - Rev'd Jeanette Richardson: Donkey Riding

13th April 2012 - John Powell; Did you feel let down at Easter?

13th June 2012 - Patsy Robinson: Nearer than we think

15th August 2012 - Margaret Powell: Ships that pass in the night

17th October 2102 - Rev'd Jeanette Richardson: A time to be born and a time to die

26th October 2102 - Linda Cawsey: There is always hope

26th December 2012 - Linda Cawsey: Christmas Unwrapped

20th February 2013 - Rev'd Jeanette Richardson: Wilderness Days

13th March 2013 - Linda Cawsey: Fallen Idols or the Real Thing?

12th April 2013 - John Powell: "Give a dog a bad name..."

8th May 2013 - Patsy Robinson: Clean Sheep

24th July 2013 - Linda Cawsey: Look closer, see me!

4th September 2013 - John Powell: Jesus wants us to be full of God's love

25th October 2013 - Anderson Marsh: Faith, Hope and Love

27th November 2013 - Patsy Robinson: Being free

29th January 2014 - Linda Cawsey: Waiting for... ?

14 February 2014 - Linda Cawsey: A Gift on St. Valentine's Day

7th May 2014 - Margaret Powell: Much Love

23rd July 2014 - Patsy Robinson: The bigger picture

3rd September 2014 - Margaret Powell: Follow the pattern!

5th November 2014 - John Powell: Having a scan?

28th January 2015 - Rev'd David Rice: Responding to Terror

29th April 2015 - John Powell: Easter has come and gone

1st July 2015 - Rev'd David Rice: To be a pilgrim

7th October 2015 - Rev'd David Rice: Feeding the Hungry

24th February 2016 - Patsy Robinson: A modern parable

25th May 2016 - Rev'd David Rice: Pentecost and beyond

17th August, 2016 - John Powell: What is faith?

9th November 2016 - Joyce Perry: Lighten our darkness

23rd November 2016 - Stephen Wright: Good News

18th January 2017 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Happy Anniversary

8th March 2017 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Flowers in the desert

24th May 2017 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: A different perspective

16th August 2017 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Postive change

30th August 2017 - Patsy Robinson: Why pray?

22nd November 2017 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Brokeness

17th January 2018 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Help Required

23rd May 2018 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: In praise of left arms

13th June 2018 - Patsy Robinson: All things bright and beautiful...

15th August 2018 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Standing on platforms or faith?

29th August 2018 Patsy Robinson: Being Worthy

21st November 2018 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Of autumn colours, ageing and wisdom

16th January 2019 - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Do you know the way to Funafuti?

20th February 2019 - Keith Evans: Loving our neighbours

6th March 2019 - Rev'd Stephen Wright:: Lent

27th March 2019 - Patsy Robinson: The tree that would not bend

22nd May - Rev'd Stephen Wright: Some things we are definitely worth knowing

Rev'd Peter Barnett   Rev'd Jeanette Richardson   John Powell   Rev'd David Rice
Rev'd Stephen Wright   Patsy Robinson        

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Petersfield United Reformed Church

10th June 2009 - Robin Ive: Limitation on church is just us

2nd September 2009 - Brian D Blogg: Let God show you the way

28th October 2009 - Sue Bone: Hymn has important meaning

13th January 2010 - James Man: Need to love others important

 9th June 2010 - Robin Ive: God has created a place for us

14th July 2010 - Joyce M Perry: Working to please a 'chancellor'

1st September 2010 - Bert Perry: Don’t be tempted by war option

27th October 2010 - Robin Hart: So like Psalm 121

10th December 2010 - Brian D Blogg: Perfect Timing

 5th January 2011 - Joyce Perry: Well done, good and faithful servants

 4th March 2011 - Keith Evans: Hope or Faith?

23rd March 2011 - Robin Ive: The greatest book ever written

 1st June 2011 - Rev'd Dr Alan Missen: Walking Life's Footpaths

24th June 2011 - Jim Cleverly: Are you a good listener?

24th August 2011 - Brian Blogg: Turning the clock back!

16th November 2011 - Robin Ive: Why believe the Bible?

11th January 2012 - Kay Henrie: A Drop in the Ocean

30th March 2012 - David Ramsay - Olympic Torch

25th April 2012 - Brian Blogg: Are we up to the challenge?

 4th July 2012 - Liam Maguire: A Greater Hope in Uncertain Times

5th September 2012 - Joshua Norris: Friends

12th October 2012 - Isaac Oru: Together as one

21st November 21012 - Peter Jolly: To everything there is a season

16th January 2013 - James Fell: One Church, one faith, one Lord

27th February 2013 - Brian Blogg: Peace with God

Good Friday - 29th March 2013 : Robin Ive: Tragedy to Triumph

12th June 2013 - ,Joy Hanna: Forgive us our trespasses?

21st August 2013 - Brian Blogg: Helpless against our prayers

11th October 2013 - Joyce Perry: "Clothes make the man" - and woman!

13th November 2013 - Ron Wing: Such Love

24th December 2013 - Rev'd Peter Norris: So who is this Jesus?

5th March 2014 - Catherine Adams: Spring is on its way

18th April 2014 - Robin Ive: Is Jesus alive?

6th June 2014 - Joyce Perry: Wedding Trees

16th July 2014 - Gwen Peake: Good neighbours

20th August 2014 - Brian Blogg: Safe, Tender, Extreme

19th November 2014 - Keith Evans: Questions and Answers

7th January, Brian Blogg, Petersfield United Reformed Church - Life is full of surprises!

8th April 2015 - Joyce Perry: Just a thought...

17th June 2015 - Rosemary Ward: Touching lives

9th September 2015 - Peter Jolly: Towards a better work-life balance

2 December 2015 - Robin Ive: Why Christmas?

23 December 2015 - John Powell: Celebrating Christmas

10th February 2016: Keith Evans: The reason for the season

11th May 2016 - Brian Blogg: Pentecost

27th July 2016 - Julie Pejnovic: Not just for Sundays

22nd February 2017 - February, Keith Evans: What is truth?

10th May 2017 - Rosemary Ward: I shall pass this way but once

26th July 2017 - Geoff Hanna: Are you a critic or a praiser?

1st November 2017 - Esmé Kelly: Do you Remember?

3rd January 2018 - Brian Blogg: Does God really care?

21st February 2018 - Keith Evans: What do you believe in?

9th May 2018 - Wendy Cassar: Making a Difference

25th July 2018 - Alan Jones: Let your life speak

31st October 2018 - Rev'd Joshua Thomas: Strength of community

2nd January 2019 - Rev'd Joshua Thomas: The Promise of a New Year

8th May, Esme Kelly,: Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?

David Ramsey   Brian Blogg   Rev'd Peter Norris   Peter Jolly
Alan Jones   Rev'd Joshua Thomas        

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Saint Laurence Catholic Church

18th February 2009 - Ann Saunders: A Winter Holiday

13th May 2009 - Barry Chalmers-Stevens: Keeping the Faith is Right

15th July 2009 - Irene Jeffery: Do what we can for others

18th September 2009 - Terry O’Connor: Political Correctness – Good or Bad?

30th September 2009 - Michael Blakstad: A 'simple' life is the way to go

2nd December 2009 - Michael Rowan: Never fall for first impressions when it comes to a Catholic monk

27th January 2010 - Ann Saunders: All the good we mean to do

 2nd April 2010 - Michael Blakstad: Slave of the new...

28thApril 2010 - Tim Concannon: We are all guilty

16th June 2010 - Irene Jeffery: A just war?

 2nd July 2010 - Jane de Halpert: Words of Advice

 9th June 2010 - Canon Gerard Hetherington: The Importance of Rest

25th August 2010 - Canon Gerard Hetherington: This pilgrim is moving to a new chapter

6th October 2010 - Jane de Halper: Words of Advice

29th October 2010 - Tim Concannon: Autumn

15th December 2010 - Ann Johnstone: Listening

26th January 2011 - Michael Blakstad: Teamwork

 1st April 2011 - Ann Saunders: Not God’s fault

 4th May 2011 - Jimmy Stockley: The Royal Wedding

 6th July 2011 - Jean Halliday: Psalm 23

22nd July 2011 - Kirsty Thomas: Relax

31st August 2011 - Dominic Oliver: Consider the weekend

26th October 2011 - Jean Halliday: Gratitude

25th November 2011 - Christopher Simon-Evans: Walking with Ignatius

21st December 2011 - Jean Halliday: A time for receiving

7th February 2012 - Michael Blakstad: Age of Austerity

30th May 2012 - Tim Concannon: Blessed with a monarch

 6th July 2012 - Michael Rowan: Olympics Friday Focus

 1st August 2012 - Ann Saunders - an example to us all

10th October 2012 - Jean Halliday: Judge not

19th December 2013 - Ann Saunders: Friends

15th February 2013 - Christopher Simon-Evans: Walking with Ignatius

1st May 2013 - Jane de Halpert: Some Ascension Day Thoughts

7th August 2013 - Tim Concannon: Unto us a son is born

28th November 2013 - Michael Blakstad: The world has changed

11th 2013 - December, Jane de Halpert: Some Festive Thoughts

15th January 2014 - Tim Concannon: Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill

14th March 2014 - Jean Halliday: Lent

30th April 2014 - Paul Cuss: Making a difference

4th June 2014 - Michael Rowan: Christian Faith and Football

6th August 2014 - Jean Halliday: Ambassadors of Christ

24th September 2014 - Michael Blakstad: My country, right or wrong

14th January 2015 - Tim Concannon: Striking Thoughts

15th January 2015 - Tim Concannon: Nous sommes Charlie

15th April 2015 - Jean Halliday: Easter

24th June 2015 - Ann Saunders: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

16th September 2015 - Father Peter Hollins: Statues Offer us a Key to the Spiritual

9 December 2015 - Sister Giles: Some things can’t be recycled

17th February 2016 - Tim Concannon: The use of Scripture

18th May 2016 - Michael Blakstad: Return to Church

3rd August 2016 - Paul Cuss: Generosity

7th September 2016 - Tim Concannon: Traditions

11th January 2017 - Ann Saunders: Manners Cost Nothing

1st March 2017 - Paul Farmer: The Attraction of Beauty

17th May 2017 - Michael Blakstad: Care in the Community

12th July 2017: Tim Concannon: The pressures of bearing witness in the modern world

15th November 2017 - Jane de Halpert: Further Thoughts on Remembrance

10th January 2018 - Christine Traynier: Epiphany

28th February 2018 - Ann Saunders: Patience

1st August 2018 - Ann Saunders: Water of Life

14th November 2018 - Sheila Douglas: Out of the blue

9th January 2019 - Ann Saunders: #otherstoo

27th February 2019 - Christine Traynier: Pancake Day

15th May 2019 - Irene Jeffery: Will we ever learn?

Jane de Halpert   Michael Blakstad   Tim Concannon   Michael Rowan
Irene Jeffery   Ann Johnstone   Paul Cuss   Jean Halliday
Father Peter Hollins   Ann Saunders   Sheila Douglas   Christine Traynier


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Saint Mary Magdalen, Sheet

4th February 2009 - Rev'd Rob Dewing: Fragility of Life was brought home by book

29 April 2009: Tony Berry: Looking closer for the detail

16th September 2009 - Andrew Lyon: Moving memories of 9/11...

25th November 2009 - Rev'd Anderson Marsh: Prayers are key for many

6th January 20102 - Andrew Lyon: What do you hope for?

 3rd March 2010 - Bob Slade: Getting warmer...

30th April 2010 - Rev'd Anderson Marsh: Time to live life that is ours

23rd June 2010 - Marguerite McGuire: People matter

18th August 2010 - Linda Clist: Trouble is, we’re like squirrels!

10th November 2010 - Charles Meader: God wants to be with us always

8th December 2010 - , Rev'd Anderson Marsh: Will you find room for Jesus this Christmas?

19th Januray 2011 - Rev'd Rob Dewing: Words of Eternal Life

15th April 2011 - Peter Belton: Church Services

20th July 2011 - Mike Knee: Music – our gift in creation

 5th August 2011 - Linda Clist: Singing in the rain?

28th September 2011 - Rev'd Anderson Marsh: Spiritual or Spirituality?

5th October 2011 - Peter Belton: Thinking about the words used

2nd November 2011 - Bob Slade: Man doesn't learn from war history

9th December 2011 - Mike Knee: The arts at the heart of Christmas

 4th January 2012 - Linda Clist: Twelfth Night's Upside Down World

6th April 2012 - Rev'd. Mick Micklethwaite: Awe and Wonder (Jupiter and Venus)

11th May 2011 - Paul Curd: Unbroken

20th June 2012 - Mike Knee: Living in the crowds, not the clouds

22nd August 2012 - Thelma Berry: Chaplains are there for you

28th September 2012 - Peter Belton: The race

24th October 2012 - Simon Kendall: Without vision people cast off restraint and run wild

2nd January 2013 - Rev'd Richard Saunders: Peace and Harmony in 2013?

1st February 2013 - Mike Knee: Music - our universal gift

17th April 2013 - Thelma Berry: Forgiving

10th May 2013 - Peter Belton: God's Plans

19th June 2013 - Linda Clist: Change is always possible

28th August 2013 - Paul Curd: Life sustained by grace, peace and joy

27th September2013 - Jeannine Davies: Learning From Pigeons!

6th November 2013 - Angus McAllister: From Entitlement to Enlightenment

31st January 2014 - Mike Knee: The rain falls on good and bad people alike

12th March 2014 - Peter Belton: Just a thought...

9th May 2014 - Linda Clist: It's your choice

31st May: Rev'd Richard Saunders: Do we live in a Christian country?

9th July 2014 - Paul Curd: Complete Joy

27th August 2014 - Jeannine Davies: A Biblical Story With a Modern Day Twist

25th March 2015 - Peter Belton: Mothers' Day

3rd June 2015 - Linda Clist: A Suitable Case for Treatment

26 August 2015 - Jeannine Davies: Stick to the truth

27th January 2016 - Rev'd Richard Saunders: The source of hope

27th April 2016 - Peter Belton: In Between Things

6th July 2016 - Gill Robins: Hope Not Fear

21st December 2016 - Rev'd Richard Saunders: A view of the world

26th April 2017 - Rev'd Max Cross: Alligator found in Petersfield lake!

5th July 2017 - Jeannine Davies: Three Graces

20th December 2017 -Rev'd Richard Saunders: Peace

25th April 2018 - Angus McAllister: No easy answers

4th July 2018 - Jeannine Davies: Accept Change and Make a Difference

3rd October 2018 - Peter Belton: Trust Brexit?

19th December: 2018 - Rev'd Richard Saunders: Waiting

Rev'd Anderson Marsh   Linda Clist   Rev'd Richard Saunders   Rev'd Max Cross


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Saint Mary's Buriton

22 April 2009: Rev’d David Stickland: St George: Fact or Fiction?

17th June 2009 - Dave Stickland: Difficult trying to switch off

9th September 2009 - Rev'd David Stickland: Wind is of interest to us all

11th December 2009 - Rev'd David Stickland: Look Back as well as forward

30th December 2009 - Rev'd David Strickland,: Jesus not just for Christmas

3rd February 2010 - Rev'd David Stickland: Journey ends with great reunion

 5th - March 2010 - Rev’d David Stickland: What extra are you doing in Lent?

14th April 2010 - Rev’d David Stickland: Moving is a great opportunity

 4th August 2010 - Monica Ditmas: So much meaning in the language we are using

20th October 2010 - Revd Judith Bee: Travelling hopefully

12th January 2011 - David Bee: Post Christmas Blues

18th March 2011 - Monica Ditmas: Freedom

20th April 2011 - Tom Cooper: Hope in Hard Times

22nd June 2011 - David Bee: Standing up for the truth

11th November 2011 - Judith Bee: Remembering

28th December 2011 - , David Bee: Towards a more equal society

 3rd February 2012 - David Bee: No-where to go

21st March 2012 - Tom Cooper: Don't forget drama in the Bible

 6th June 2012 - David Bee: Take Comfort

20th July 2012 - Jackie Sollis: Community Spirit!

21st December 2012 - David Bee: Forthcoming Births

23rd January 2013 - Tom Cooper: Faith and Action

19th July 2013Judith Bee: Time to be

18th September 2013 - David Bee: Coping with bereavement

20th December 2013 - Tom Cooper: The Timing of Christmas

19th 2014 - February, David Bee: Where is God in the floods?

11th April 2014 - Monica Ditmas: Coping with the ups and downs of life

4th June 2014 - David Bee: Bird Brain

11th June 2014 - Tom Cooper: God with us

26th November 2014 - David Bee: Past, Present and Future

4th February 2015 - David Bee: Hope for the future?

6th May 2015 - David Bee: God and the Mediterranean

22nd July 2015 - Tom Cooper: David Bee

30 December 2015- Forced to flee: Rev'd Judith Bee, St Mary

9th March 2016 - Naomi Gordon-Smith: Voices of visitors in a village church...

25th January 2017 - Rev'd Judith Bee: Reconciliation

8th November 2017 - Judith Bee: Remembering in hope and love

7th November 2018 - Tom Cooper: Thanksgiving for Peace

23rd January 2019 - Tom Cooper: Epiphany and Afterwards

Rev'd Judith Bee   David Bee  

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Saint Peter's, Petersfield

25th March 2009 - Giles Harris-Evans of St. Peters - Examples there for us all to see

27th May 2009 - Rev'd Dominic Clarke: - Message of love is important

8th July 2009 - Michael Moore: Someone always pays...

19th August 2009 - Bill Grace: Caring for each other is vital

4th November 2009 - Henry Marshall: Why we pay tribute is so vital

20thJanuary 2010 - Rev'd Giles Harris-Evans: Custodian role for us on planet

24th March 2010 - Michael J Moore,: To Vote or not to Vote?

30th April 2010 - Bill Grace: The Planet Strikes Back!

26th May 2010 - Dominic Clarke: Meaning is unique to everyone

17th December 2010 - Melanie Evans: Don't be SAD

29th December 2010 - Christine Tully: Not Just for Christmas

 2nd March 2011 - Melanie Evans: Memories

27th April 2011 - Christine Tully: New Life at Easter

27th May 2011 - Melanie Evans: Do you want to live forever?

29th June 2011 - Rev'd William Hughes: Give thanks

17th August 2011 - Melanie Evans: The Iona Community

16th September 2011 - Christine Tully: I need the wisdom of Solomon!

19th October 2011 - Christine Tully: What are our priorities?

14th December 2011 - Rev'd Will Hughes: Christmas is not a perfect time

20th January 2011 - Melanie Evans: Week of prayer for Christian unity

29th February 2012 - Bill Grace: Welcome to Lent!

18th April 2012 - Sylvia Roberts: Eeyore one allegorical inspiration at bookshop

16th May 2012 -: Rev'd Will Hughes: Stand still and rest

8th June 2012 - Rev'd Will Hughes: A Diamond Jubilee

18th July 2012 - Rev'd Will Hughes: On a Journey

24th August 2012 -: Rev'd Thomas James: Community values

3rd October 2012 - Rev'd Will Hughes: Reflections

18th January 2013 - Rev'd Will Hughes: Water and wine

15th May -, Rev'd Thomas James: Pentecost Celebrations

7th June - Sylvia Roberts: What is ordinary time for you?

17th July 2013 - Rev'd Will Hughes: The family of the church

30th August 2013 - Melanie Evans: Back to school

2nd October 2013 - Michael Moore: Don't just interact with your screens...

18th December 2013 - Rev'd Richard Saunders: The journey of forgiveness

17th January 2014 - Bill Grace: Charity really does begin at home

5th February 2014 - Rev'd Thomas James: Who is your neighbour?

11th June 2014 - Rev'd Will Hughes: Holy Spirit

1st October 2014 - Michael Moore: Making a difference

3rd December 2014 - Sylvia Roberts:December

10th December 2014 - Bill Grace: Take a Break

18th February 2015 - Sylvia Roberts: Seek the common good

20th May 2015 - Sylvia Roberts: - Sacrifice

8th July 2015 - Sylvia Roberts: Ordinary Time

28th October 2015 - Rev'd Sylvia Roberts: A good death?

4th November 2015 - David Francombe: St Peter's Choir

6th January 2016- Rev'd Canon Will Hughes: A very Happy New Year to you

13th April 2016 - Sylvia Roberts: Better Together?

15th June 2016 - Sylvia Roberts: Faithfulness

12th October 2016 - Sylvia Roberts: Wonderful Words

30th November 2016 - Sylvia Roberts: Colours of my life

1st February 2017 - Sylvia Roberts: New Year Resolutions

12th April 2017 - Sylvia Roberts: Home or away?

31st January 2018 - Sylvia Roberts: What now?

5th September 2018 - Sylvia Roberts: Unity through diversity

28th November 2018 - Sylvia Roberts: The Thankful Town

10th April 2019 - Sylvia Roberts: Wonderful sewers

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