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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 April 2009: Mark Meatcher, Assistant Minister Petersfield United Reformed Church

Did you see that????

Rumours have reached us of some dramatic events that have taken place in the last few days in the capital.

We are still unsure as to what these events might mean and are trying to piece together the exact details about what has happened.

Eye-witnesses have reported seeing alive a man who was clearly killed and had been buried in a stone tomb. These eye-witnesses claim to have seen this man alive at various times and in different places.

The city leaders think that the man’s friends probably stole his body from its tomb and are circulating stories about him being alive to keep active their own hopes about what this man was trying to achieve.

The man started causing problems the previous week when he entered the city on a donkey. Those in authority believed his mission was to cause problems for them and they appeared to be right when he caused uproar in the main meeting place in the city. A lot of businessmen were very upset with what happened.

On Thursday evening the leaders managed to arrest the man and then arrange for him to be killed because he was claiming to be something he obviously wasn’t – he thought he was God!

On Friday he was killed and everybody thought that it was all over. His supporters seemed to disappear overnight but then early on Sunday morning reports started coming in that the man had been raised from the dead, that he was alive again and had appeared to people as they were going about their daily tasks.

The story seems to be an elaborate hoax...but be assured we will keep you advised if we hear any more news...

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