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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 May 2009: Barry Chalmers-Stevens, St Laurence RC Church

Keeping the Faith is Right

The side of the bus displayed a sign saying 'There is no God*'.

'How do they know?' I mused; there seemed to be little evidence given along with the claim to back the statement up.

Perhaps they have a direct line somewhere, with the marvels of modern communications. Then I thought of all the moments when I might have had the same thought even for a short space of time. There were none.

Having grown up in the bosom of the church my faith has never deserted me, even in the most telling of times and I, like many, have had some pretty bad ones including, not so long ago, several very near fatal experiences.

Just recently my younger brother suffered a massive heart attack and was taken from us at the age of 56.

As the eldest in the family it was to me that the rest of the family turned for support.

My faith again showed through and God was there to guide me. An intensive time followed as my brother had been declared bankrupt just a month earlier.

The day of the funeral again proved a staunch test. The same question was repeatedly asked of me afterwards by both family and friends: 'How did you do all that?' 'I just had to,' I replied. 'With God's help.'


*The words on the poster on the side of the bus were "There is probably no God" PACT web site webmaster

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