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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

20 May 2009: Seren Boyd, Petersfield Christian Fellowship

Change is not a bad thing

For those young enough and naive enough to think that house prices would always rise and that Clement Freud would never die, the past year has come as a shock.

Against the backdrop of climate change and the seismic shaking of the global economy, an even greater drama is being played out in our household. We are moving house - or trying to.

Suddenly everything around us that was fixed and solid is fragile and somehow transient. Everything is under scrutiny in "the great cull".

For us, for now, change is all about loss, moving away from family, friends and treasured memories. But then change is only loss until you've stepped into the next thing.

In times of change, the only thing we can truly rely on is God because sometimes only he can help us seize change as an opportunity.

I am suddenly, wonderfully, reminded of a long-lost poem my grandmother wrote out for me as a child:

Build a little wall of trust around today
Fill the space with loving deeds and therein stay
Look not through the sheltering bars upon tomorrow
Gold will help thee bear what comes - of joy or sorrow.

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