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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 May 2009: Rev Dominic Clarke, Assistant Curate, St Peters

Message of love is important

'Love one another as I have loved you.' As he neared his death, Jesus made a farewell address with the theme of love - he was leaving his friends and all that he know and loved on earth after all.

I recently read a review of a book about Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She was a person whose whole face seemed to radiate a deep faith and a joyful love for others.

One of Teresa's sayings was 'to live is Christ' which follows this idea that we must take on and take in Jesus, letting his love fill our whole lives.

And yet what is all the more incredible about Teresa is the recent revelation that throughout her life she doubted her faith and questioned the existence of God.

God created us because he wants us. He is the one who is in love with each one of us, even if we struggle to return it.

The book about Mother Teresa includes a reflection on an exchange the author had with her in which she did say to him once 'God IS Love!' This is almost a cliche, but in the context of Teresa's doubts and fears it was amazingly profound and important to hear again.

There is not much more about God that we need to know after all.

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