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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 June 2009: Dave Stickland, Parish Priest St Mary's, Buriton

Difficult trying to switch off

The difficulty I have each time one of these deadlines approaches is what to say.

It seems to me that these Christian Comments should do two things - they should both encourage and challenge.

First, as you will be reading this as we approach the holiday season, I encourage you to holiday well - whatever form holiday may take for you.

Relax, take a break, wind down - all easier said than done - but in our busy society ever more important. And I have authority for such encouragement, 'Remember the Sabbath', is one of the Ten Commandments.

We all need sabbaticals one way or another and for me holidays fall into that definition. After all, 'holiday' is only a corruption of 'holy day'.

Secondly, this is a challenge for me as well as you, because we actually find it very difficult to switch off. The very technologies that should be our servants have become our masters. We have become slaves to the mobile phone, the e-mail and the text.

While it is good to stay in touch with family and friends it is sometimes good to be in an area where there is no signal.

It may be then, and there that we can read, think, even pray and maybe listen to God who is waiting for us and wanting us to hear him.


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