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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

1 July 2009: Melanie Evans, Local Preacher, Petersfield Methodist Church

Have you met with 'Jesus'?

How many people can say they have met God's Son, Jesus Christ? As a Christian working on a supermarket checkout I have to be careful in these days of political correctness that I do not overstep the mark, losing my job and my home.

Sometimes a customer will surprise me by saying as they did today '... a little bit of that and a prayer.'

When I agreed with the prayer part they are surprised and delighted at discovering a fellow Christian serving them.

Many people who work in our shops, offices, schools and public sectors, work hard, smiling, helping others, going one step further than they need to, while keeping their faith quiet.

There are those who do not go to church for various reasons but who also have a strong faith.

Each person tries hard to copy the behavious of Jesus who helped the people of his day.

When you know you have been helped by someone who believes in Jesus, you can say you met Jesus himself, whose power lies through the person helping you.

There are many people in Petersfield who have met Jesus Christ through other people and not known it. Have you met Jesus yet?


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