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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

8 July 2009: Michael Moore, St Peter's Church Petersfield

Someone always pays...

Leadership, or the lack of it, is in the news. Who would have thought that our Parliament could fall into such disrepute as a result of the venal attitude of some of its members?

Many want a complete sweeping away of the current membership and to have a 'new start'.

But do we deserve the lawmakers we have now? Are they so unrepresentative? Are they worse than the bankers and share-dealers who led us into the debt that will be with us for years?

But how many of us borrowed all that money in the first place and for what 'vital' need? Who never, ever uses their company's time for their own pursuits - e-mailing, using Facebook and bunking off early from work, taking days off when we're not ill?

Who pays? The customer does, just as the taxpayer does when MPs cheat and people fiddle Social Security.

There seems to be something in our nature that wants to get something for nothing and we seem to enjoy seeing other people being caught in wrongdoing.

A woman was brought to Jesus because she had been caught in the act of adultery.

The crowd were up for a good stoning. Jesus suggested that the one "without sin" should have first lob. No one did and they all left the scene, beginning with the eldest.


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