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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

22 July 2009: Sandra Coombes, Petersfield Christian Fellowship

Stay bold and don't give up

I read a story about two people who went on holiday. Let's say they went to Petersfield.

They often used to sit by the lake and have their lunch together. One day as they were eating their sandwiches a family and a black Labrador retriever appeared.

They had come to enjoy the Heath Pond too. Their dog found a stick and then made it very clear that he wanted it thrown into the pond so he could fetch it and have a swim at the same time.

The dog kept following the man and placing the stick at his feet. Then the dog would run back and forth between the man and the pond.

When that did not work, the dog gently placed his front paws on the man's legs. In desperation, the dog began to bark, and finally his master responded.

Boldness and persistence worked. The persistent friend finally gets what he needs.

Thinking about the the dog's persistence and boldness made me think: should I not be just as persistent and bold when praying for friends and family?

As the scripture tells us in Luke 11 v 9, 'knock and the door will be opened to you.'

Let us be bold and never give up. Keep praying.


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