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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

29 July 2009: Joan Littlefield, St Marks Shared Church Bordon

Tongue can bless and curse

This Arabian proverb was in the Reader's Digest early in 2009 and it got me thinking so (I quote): 'Four things for which there can be no recall - the Spoken Word, the March of Fate, the Arrow Sped from the Bow and the Time that is Past.'

To have no regrets regarding the spoken word we need the wisdom of James' New Testament letter, Chapter 3, and must keep short accounts. No word once spoken can ever be recalled! James speaks of the damage we can do with our tongues, that we should think carefully before speaking and that we can both bless and curse with the same tongue.

A moment in haste may create a lifetime of misery, but wise forethought can create happiness and positive living patterns.

We need to listen to ourselves as we speak, to check on what we convey, as well as the words actually used. Tone of voice and body language can speak volumes. But we can bless too, and how good to encourage young lives into great things by gently nourishing and loving them.

When we stop to consider the greater part of our speech is either blessing, or cursing, our listeners, and we are in the business of spreading good things and not gloomy ones. So please, blessings, not curses, everyone as we travel thorough life. Go with God!


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