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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 August 2009: Roy Dimmock, Petersfield Evangelical Church

Not giving into greed is still key

From the earliest days when God created man and placed him on the earth he made provision for him, supplying all his needs for his very existence.

Problems arose very quickly, according to the Bible record, when man's greed got the better of him and he wanted things his way, not God's.

God first of all promised punishment to the people if they failed to obey him and this ensued on a number of occasions when they were taken into captivity by the surrounding nations. They still allowed greed to dominate much of their lives.

But how about you and me? Where do we stand before God? Nowadays we are able to see the state of the poor and needy peoples of the world when we turn on our television or open our newspapers and this should bring us down to earth and make us get things into perspective.

It is good and helpful if we start each day by handing our lives into God's safe keeping, thanking him for all his loving provision for the day ahead, knowing he has control of his creation which includes you and me. Paul gives us excellent advice when writing to the early church - he says that contentment is great gain, far better than material assets. May we pray to God that we might know contentment in our lives.

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