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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

12 August 2009: Lt Stewart Madden, The Salvation Army, Petersfield

Drowning in fear

Have you ever been afraid about your future … I have. In my journey as a Christian Leader before I came to Petersfield, I started to question my career, my future, my everything. It’s like a ball of wax that refuses to melt … fear sits on your shoulder, whispering fearful predictions … I couldn’t shake it, and I grilled God about it. Perhaps I blamed Him for appointing me to a town like this, where He thinks I should be. I asked Him, why, why why?

And as I contemplated as to what God had in store and what he wanted me to do here in Petersfield, I cleared and backed up the files in my laptop and found a long-forgotten mp3 of Kristin Chenoweth’s Abide in Me. And I was taken aback when she sang these lyrics:

Don’t worry what the future may hold
For all I have overcome the world
And all these things I speak
Our solemn joy may be complete
When you abide
When you abide in me
Then I’ll abide in you

My words in your heart
Child believe
That when you seek my face
And make me your first love
Then all of the rest
Will be taken care of

I felt like God was speaking to me directly … it struck me so hard that I shed a few tears, because I had been so convinced for so long that God won’t speak to me because I may have done something wrong that I … well, I just didn’t expect Him to even communicate with me.

The song and the message in it brought me a measure of peace. I know that God cares for me in the midst of my fear and uncertainty and when I need Him he is there. Amen…

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