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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13th November 2009: Susanne Irving, Petersfield Christian Fellowship

Only God knows our path

The churches in Petersfield recently had a week-long prayer chain in St Peter's Church. My husband and I put our names down for the early morning hours, but found that St Peter's was locked. This did not really matter because church is not about buildings, but about the community of those who have a personal relationship with God. As God has given us His Spirit, church is now portable. It is everywhere we are.

We decide to pray as we walk across the heath. Our path is barely visible. The surroundings that feel so familiar during the daytime are alien in the dark.

As I gingerly set one foot in front of the other I am reminded that only God knows our whole path. That is why we are meant to follow His leading - and there is always sufficient light for the next step.

The pond is so still that it accurately reflects its surroundings. I often tend to be like a churned up sea inside and wonder whether God repeatedly calls us to be still, so that we can perceive and receive the truth. Distractions and worries distort our view of reality.

I am glad that I was taken out of my comfort zone and a prayer routine that often resembles a monologue rather than a dialogue. I learned that God can bring His word alive through every day things if we are prepared to pay attention.


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