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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

18 November 2009: Joan Littlefield, St Mark's Shared Church, Bordon

Let's look at faith this time

Last time I wrote we looked at chapter three of James's letter. Now let's move on to chapter five and three verses regarding our faith. Are we troubled? Are we happy? Are we sick? Yes to each, at different times.

My long association with the healing ministry reveals it to be a blessing to all involved when properly practised and needs are prayed for. During the 20th century this "forgotten" ministry" has revived and once more the gospel preached and the sick healed, as charged in the Great Commission to Christ's disciples, see St Mark's gospel.

The oil of anointing was formerly used only in extremity when death was imminent. It is now used in healing, to comfort and relive illness, to confirm some new work when, for instance a missionary is 'sent out' by their home church to work abroad, etc.

Healing is not always understood, particularly when prayer is accompanied by the 'laying on of hands'. Many question whether those ministering have powers of healing themselves. It is my belief that only God can heal and I also believe that prayer offered in faith is never in vain. That prayer is always answered in some way, in God's time and his way.

Our ways are not his ways and our thoughts are not his thoughts. He knows best, so we continue to praise his holy name.


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