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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

25 November 2009: Rev'd Anderson Marsh, Petersfield Group Ministry

Prayers are key for many

One way of getting to know the community is to pray for it, so I read in a book a few weeks ago.

I totally agree with this, I get to meet many people from all different walks of life, many who would say they don't believe in God, yet when life get tough they pray.

I find it a real privilege to sit next to someone, to give them space to talk through their problems or issues, then pray with them. I believe God does answer our prayers, not always in the way we expect, or maybe hope.

I had a friend who had cancer, I prayed for her; sadly she died after a tough battle. Now you would say God did not answer my prayers, yet I visited my friend the day before she died and she was at total peace in herself and told me she was ready to die.

I can't give slick answers to why God answers some prayers and not others. It's one of the many questions I've got for God. So what would you like a prayer for? I'd really like to know. Of course I can't guarantee how God will answer your prayer in the way you wish, but I do know God will do something because of the prayers offered.

So please email me at: - your prayer will not be forwarded to anyone else and I will only reply if you ask me.


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