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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

13 January 2010: James Man, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Need to love others important

What is love? Or more specifically is it something you choose to do, or just a feeling that you have?

I feel great love for my wife, but then my wife is easy to love.

However, Jesus commands us to pray for and love our enemies.

Is this the point at which love becomes a decision rather than a feeling? But can you really decide to love someone, especially someone who has possibly done some significant things against you?

The Apostle Paul talks a lot about love - in particular he tells us of some of the qualities that love has: how it is patient, kind, polite and selfless.

With our enemies we must be as selfless, patient and kind as we would with our dearest family and friends, and the only way we are able to do this is by drawing close to the Holy Spirit and allowing God's love for us to bear fruit and show in our love for those we find difficult to love.

So love is a feeling as well as a choice - and as Paul tells us, we may be able to do wonderful things, but if we don't love others we would be nothing and our actions would be worthless.

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