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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

3 February 2010: Rev'd David Stickland, St Mary's, Buriton

Journey ends with great reunion

I am writing this just prior to taking a short break.

When you read it I shall be on a small boat anchored off the tiny Caribbean island of Tobago.

The purpose of my visit is to meet up with my youngest son, whom I have not seen for over a year and who has been sailing the oceans for over three years, much of it single handed.

This causes me to consider a number of things - journeys, destinations and reunions - each of which have spiritual significance.

We often speak of the spiritual life as a journey and indeed our own life is a journey from birth to death.

But all journeys have a destination - an end point.

One of my duties and privileges as a priest is to conduct funeral services when we reconsider the journey of life and its destination after death.

We also often speak of the reunions which we will have with loved ones after death.

The greatest reunion for those who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is with God, our heavenly father.

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