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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

5 February 2010: Mike Gibson, Life Church Petersfield

The lost art of being still

The Psalms are well worth reading from time to time as they contain much that can apply to us today. There is a verse in Psalm 46 verse 10 that says “Be still and know that I am God.” I just wonder how many of us have lost the ‘art’ of being still.

In our modern world we have learned the art of exercise, the art of music, the art of complaining, the art of being heard, to name but a few. But how many of us are missing a valuable art in our lives of being still?

For many of us life is lived at a hectic speed; we have so much to fit into our daily lives. We often see young people (but not exclusively) with their iPod playing whilst they are doing something else. Or maybe we have the radio or television on whilst we are busy with another task. We can easily do two or even three things at once so that we get the maximum out of our day.

The element of stillness for many of us is conspicuously lacking. We live in what someone has called “the dominion of din”. The Psalmist doesn’t say “Be energetic and know that I am God”. If we are to know God in our lives then my guess is that we need to take time to “be still”. This stillness is not a passive stillness, i.e. doing nothing; but an engaging stillness. We need to take time to be still so that we can hear God for ourselves.

God has a plan for each one of us. How do we to find that plan is we don’t make the space and time to hear Him? And if we don’t hear Him how poorer our lives will be.

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