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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

19 February 2010: Joan Littlefield, St Marks shared church, Bordon

Cameo Glimpses

Having spent most of January in a snowy world, first a wonderful winter-white, soon becoming treacherous and messy, my brain seemed as numb as the outdoor temperature. What on earth to write for the Herald in February? was the question. Then the devastation in Haiti came on our television screens with all its tragedy and horror, heartrending scenes unfold still, as I write. Amazing miraculous rescues after so long, but hope fading fast for untold thousands swallowed without trace. The living traumatised, disordered and panicking, need food and drink, shelter and clothing - will life ever be worth living again, many ask? Yet in all this, little cameos of courage shone out and are indelibly printed on my memory.

One is of a very little boy, toddling along clutching to himself a big plastic bottle of water, his eyes bright with tears. "Thank you" he said to his benefactor.

Another concerned a woman buried for six days in the bank of rubble, her husband faithfully watched and waited, certain that she was alive in there, and rushing forward every time an area was opened up. Then they found her. While still trapped, she asked for her husband, saying that she never doubted that she would be saved and be with him again. As they pulled her free she emerged smiling and singing her thanksgiving praises, before they were reunited.

The third is of a young lady doctor - all her family gone - working tirelessly to care for those injured and dying. "I'm a doctor, it's what I'm trained for" she smiled through her tears. Her own relief and thanksgiving for life simply shining through every touch and action.

Incredible impressions of New Year 2010 which surely prompt us in this country to stop our grumbling, count our many blessings: remembering Who to thank! We thanks God too for all who are responding to the need for help, from many countries and backgrounds, relieving suffering in such a variety of desperate needs and rebuilding live gradually, for what is surely going to be a long time ahead.


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