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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 March 2010: Joan Littlefield, St Marks Shared Church Bordon

Gifts to share

Hallo again - how times flies. Lent again and only a short while since we shared Christmas. Yet what a long winter it has seemed - messy, dark and dull.

Lent is a time of stocktaking in our lives, a review of what has been, where we are now and what lies ahead that we should be thinking about. We are encouraged to read and meditate on relevant scriptures. Recently I've thought a lot about the passage in Romans chapter 12, verse 6 onwards, regarding the use of our gifts, how we should concentrate on doing well those things we are especially good at. It may be teaching, preaching, caring, encouragement or more practical skills like sewing, cooking, cleaning for ourselves and for others.

When God bestows a gift upon us it is never for ourselves alone, not to be hidden away and selfishly guarded. If you are specially gifted do please think of passing that particular gift on to others. Share it while you are able and encourage others to follow your example. We won't always be young and active and we began by saying how time flies. As the old hymn state: "Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears all its sons away"!

Don't let the gift be borne away too, when you become no longer able to exercise it. Jesus had His Disciples, we too need one or more to "learn how" so that they may do the same, and God's gifting may long continue in our needy world. Give His gifts away to others and don't forget that he loves a cheerful giver too, also that "Freely have we received, so freely, freely give"!

May your Holy Lent lead you to a Happy Easter.


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