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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 April 2010: Rev’d David Stickland, Parish Priest, St Mary’s, Buriton

Moving is a great opportunity

We're moving! It may be that some of you know that my time here in Buriton comes to an end in June. Moving can be very stressful but it also provides an opportunity to clear, clean and tidy… and do you know what, you find some amazing things which had lain undiscovered (or lost!) for a very long time. I have started on my study - I had been storing empty boxes – that’s right fresh air, as well as many things which might come in useful – one day! Well some of them are now in the bin.

But I'm reminded of an Old Testament story of King Josiah (2 Kings 22) who came to the throne very young and who seems to have been something of a reformer. In the course of repairing the temple, a book was found – the Book of the Law. Josiah realised that the nation had fallen away from obeying the Book of the Law, which he ordered to be read publicly, and as a result a right relationship with God was re-established.

We are in the midst of pre-election fever. It might just be a good thing if someone rediscovered the Book of the Law, had it read publicly and called the nation to re-established a right relationship with God


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