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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

26 March 2010: Dominic Clarke, St Peter's Church Petersfield

Meaning is unique to everyone

Just a week or two ago I visted the Christian Resources Exhibition which takes place in Epsom. The exhibition brings together Christians from all over the world to promote their ministry.

Suddenly the variety, colour and mystery of our human desire to reach out to find a 'God who is with us' is brought into a sharp focus. It's fantastic to wander around learning more and more about the different ways that we can praise God while at the same time remaining united by a love of Jesus.

At Easter, Jesus launched himself out of the darkness of the tomb of death into the light of resurrection. Before he went he promised to send some glue to hold all this crazy dynamic diversity of God and universe together, something we understand in terms of the 'Holy Spirit'.

How we understand this connection between creation and creator and what it means is unique to each one of us and I firmly believe that life is about the search for meaning rather than about hard and fast rules about belief.

So may your search this week be fruitful and in the world's great diversity may you find a divine touchstone on which to rely.

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