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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

9 June 2010: Robin Ive, United Reformed Church

God has created a place for us

We all like to be in control of our lives - we plan for the future, for a career, a home, holidays, a family, but in reality life is very uncertain.

In the last month there have been thousands of families stuck around the world because of the ash from the volcano in Iceland. It was an occurrence they never thought would happen on their holiday.

Is there anything we can completely rely on in life? The Christian can definitely say yes. Our God is the creator of all, and has planned the well being of all who acknowledge him as their Saviour and Lord.

There are many questions that we cannot answer but our God has given us enough knowledge in the Bible for us to respond.

As we read the Bible we discover that he is passionate about helping us. He has made us in his image and loves us so much that he was prepared to die for us. The Lord is now preparing a place for us after we die for all who have been born again by his spirit.

Sadly, there are many who want to go their own way and are not prepared to humbly acknowledge their failure and accept the most precious gift that is on offer that could completely change their lives.

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