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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

30 June 2010: David Storey, All Saints Church Steep

Learning more about suffering

Some form of suffering is not far from the headlines. We also seem to have friends and acquaintances who are going through suffering in body or mind. Glib comments too easily jar rather than help.

Historically God got blamed for all sorts of things happening. Gradually we are learning that natural causes and humans inflict serious wounds.

Through the life of Jesus we can learn that when we ask, "Where is God?" the answer is here at the suffering. We often wish that we had the right words for people who suffer misfortune. Too often they don't come or even the wrong words seem to come out.

A book that speaks on this subject is Rabbi Harold S Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People (Pan Books). He speaks from experience. The book has been around for a while but needs sharing. So I share knowledge of it with you.

It is so easy to blame others or yourself when things go wrong. Too often neither actions are right, but we need to go through the process of dealing with the possibility, forgiving ourselves and others, and to go on living life with the knowledge of what has happened.


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