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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

14 July 2010: Joyce M Perry, United Reformed Church, Petersfield

Working to please a 'chancellor'

I guess the debate over the gains and losses under the June budget will still be rumbling on when you read this, with different ideas on how to achieve 'fairness' and who is going to pay for it.

The arguments would be even more heated if Jesus of Nazareth were the Chancellor of the Exchequer, judging by some of the parables he told.

To start with, as a Jew, he would be familiar with the cancellation of debts every seventh year. Then those who have been relieved of huge debts would be expected to pass on that favour to the 'little' people who owe them money (Matthew chapter 18 verses 23 and 24). As for wages, I wonder whether the unions would approve of a policy by which every worker would receive the same rate according to their need and willingness to do what ever they could (Matthew chapter 20 verses 1 to 15).

Is this cloud-cuckoo land? I don't think so. There are people in Petersfield who have given up a secure job for a risky one paying far less or have used their considerable skills, not for profit, but for the benefit of the community.

How many of us are prepared to do our share to build a fairer world that this 'Chancellor' presents?



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