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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

21 July 2010: Simon Mason, Life Church Petersfield

Jesus Is Incredible

Imagine the scene. It’s hot and stuffy and it’s not even possible to get inside the building. What’s going on? There are so many people about, the door is blocked and it certainly looks like standing room only inside. Who is in there? Why have so many people come? Is it a concert? There’s certainly a great deal of noise. Is some amazing event taking place? People are always drawn to things that are different. Is someone in there speaking to the crowd? How will we ever find out? By the time the crowd thins out, everything going on will have finished. Have we simply come too late and missed out?

We can’t stand it any longer. We’ve got this friend, Andrew, who’s paralysed. He can’t walk a step on his own. We’ve carried him all the way here. We’ve now heard that Jesus is back in town. Is it him who’s in the building? Everyone else seems to have the same idea as us! But how will we ever get to him?

Just then, my friend James has an idea. Let’s lift Andrew up on the roof, and then make a hole and lower him right down to Jesus. That’s a crazy idea, but worth a try! So we do it, but it’s hard work. Will it really come off? We keep going, moving the tiles, tying a rope around Andrew’s middle, then lowering him down to the floor. It certainly causes a stir. Jesus is there! He stops what he’s doing and tells Andrew that his sins are forgiven, and then, to get up and walk. Guess what? Andrew does just that! Incredible! (See Mark 2: 1-12.)

It’s Jesus who’s incredible. If we look to him and pray to him and have faith in him, all things are possible.



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