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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

218July 2010: Joan Littlefield, St Mark's Shared Church Bordon

You are special

Recently in a Church Times article on 'Cafe Churches', they considered subjects to discuss over coffee, one being people's lack of self worth, followed by the comment that it was bound to be well supported! Why, one wonders, does the lack of self confidence now affect so many people?

The truth is that each of us is special - unique - a 'one-off'. We are each born and raised, usually in a family known and recognised by others in our area. How? We are different, simply ourselves, in appearance, way of speech, thoughts, actions, needs, plus our DNA and fingerprints are totally unique! No-one else look, smiles, thinks and responds as each of you do.

When we meet people socially, job hunting, being interviewed etc, we are advised to "Relax - just be yourself, smile to make a good impression". But folks are so often afraid to, as they might appear 'different'. Good. That's what we're meant to be, not clones of other people. Life would be so boring if we were all alike. God made us all different, though basically still in his own image.

Jesus is different! The most original and surprising person who ever lived, but always kind, loving, fair. He met some remarkable people too making 12 very different men his followers then, as he still does. So take courage - he made you to be just yourself, surely making the best you can of life, enjoying all it holds and simply being aware that you are special. yes you!

By the way, the good things in life are usually the free things too, which is a great!

Enjoy summertime all of you.



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