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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

1 September 2010: Bert Perry, United Reformed Church

Don’t be tempted by war option

This is written as we are being reminded that 70 years ago the Battle of Britain was being fought, and this column will be published on the 71st anniversary of the Germans invading Poland which began the Second World War.

For the majority of readers these are events in history, but knowing them as history is not the same as having lived through them.

During National Service after World War Two I spent four weeks studying under an aged German historian refugee the causes of the First World War.
To me they added up to tit-for-tat behaviour by the countries involved.

The killing of other people is forbidden in the Old Testament, although it records plenty of it, and it is deplored by Jesus.

Most reasonable people who have been involved in total warfare would condemn it, and deplore its recurrence.

In 2010 the risk of war arises partly because those in power, who are calling the verbal shots, have never experienced full-scale war.

Remember Jesus rejected the temptation to impose his way on others and in the Lord’s Prayer we say “Lead us not into temptation.”

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