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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 September 2010: John Powell, Petersfield Methodist Church, Petersfield

Keep faith for god to honour us

I have just been looking again at the story of Daniel, as told in the Bible.

He, along with many others, had been taken captive by the Babylonians when Jerusalem was captured in around BC 600. Daniel and his colleagues were far from home, and far from the religious activities that were a key part of their upbringing.

A group of promising young men had been selected for training in the knowledge and ways of their captors, with the aim of employing them in the royal court.

But this could so easily involve them in compromising their principles, not least in eating meat that had been offered to idols.

Daniel and his group asked for a simple diet; they thrived. When time came for the ‘entry exam’, as it were, Daniel and friends passed with flying colours. Indeed, they performed far better than the existing wise men in the court.

Yes, this all happened 26 centuries ago but it is a reminder that if, in spite of pressure from the people and culture around us, we adhere to the godly faith and moral codes that we were taught when we were younger, our God will honour us, and use us in his service.

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