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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

17 September 2010: Steve Field, The Salvation Army, Petersfield

Does god exist?

This month sees the publication of the book “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking, who is known for his theories on the Big Bang. His thinking behind the Big Bang has moved from there being a need for a divine intervention to the latest theory, that the law of gravity caused the Big Bang. And if this theory turns out to be fact, then fantastic, we are one step closer to knowing ‘how’ God started the universe off.

You see, call me a new-age Christian or whatever, but I find the whole Big Bang, Creation, Evolution debates fascinating, and I am currently reading a book entitled ‘The Language of God’ where an atheist scientist starts believing in God because of his scientific work in the early explorations of DNA. What he discovered led him to believe that there is no other explanation than some grander design and therefore he believes in God.

I believe that, little by little, scientists all over the world are discovering and theorising the possible ‘hows’. How did God create the Universe?, how did God create life etc? It is very exciting that our generation are closer to knowing the ‘hows’ than any other generation before us, and yet for many, these discoveries take them further away from believing in God, because they believe the scientific discoveries dismiss the existence of God, rather than continual revelations into how God created.

The account of creation in Genesis was never meant to be a scientific account of ‘how’ but rather of ‘what’ God did, and in a very abbreviated way. Can you imagine how big the Bible would have been if a scientific explanation had been included?

God created – in other words, God brought into being the universe and all that we know about life today. I believe that the discoveries that have been made, and will continue to be made are all pieces of a larger picture to show us ‘how’ God has wonderfully put together all that we see around us today.

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