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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

20 October 2010: The Revd Judith Bee, St Mary's Buriton

Travelling hopefully

When was the last time you went on a journey? Did you enjoy it in its own right or couldn't you wait to arrive at your destination? Or perhaps it was a journey in which you feared what awaited you at the end?

We have to spend time getting to places so we may as well enjoy the journey time - and for its own sake, not just as a means of getting somewhere.

In medieval times, and still today, those who undertook a pilgrimage found that it was in the journeying as much as, perhaps more than, in the arrival at their destination that they discovered themselves and recognised God at work in them and their companions.

Journeying is often used a metaphor for our life of faith. It's not something we can stick in a box and say "Well I've got that all wrapped up! I don't need to think about it any more." We have to keep moving, following where God leads us. Our Christian life is something we do together. Some may be at different stages of the journey but we are all on the same path travelling closer into God.

We don't all travel at the same speed; some put their head down and go; some stop to admire the scenery; some stick to bits of the path which feel safe; some risk rougher terrain. Acknowledging we are all travelling along together on the same path means we can encourage each other, and help each other (and allow others to help us) over the rocky bits.

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