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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

27 October 2010: Robin Hart, United Reformed Church

So like Psalm 121

I lifted up my eyes from the helm to see the golden dawn silhouette the Norwegian mountains beyond my horizon from far across the ruffled waters at this equinoctial time.

My guiding stars through the arduous night are no longer visible but my help now came from the rising sun which gives us life and truly awakened me in its glory. The heavens above were streaked in those wonderful shafts of ever changing form as the day brightened. The birds about me could be seen eyeing the sea for their catch to sustain their living.

From out of the north came a vast pod of whales passing either side of my thin shell of a vessel, which gave me protection, as they migrated in huge numbers away from the evil of the arctic winter.

I too, felt the same urge to sail and preserve my livelihood by following in the wake of those whales, whilst the weather window was good and not let the winds smite me on passage.

I was reminded of the huge distances of migration when a flock of arctic terns came by close to me on starboard side, for their self preservation during their entire life time, fly the Atlantic from Arctic to Antarctic and back again. There are no sands around me to see foot steps accompanying me but a feeling in the wind which makes psalm 121 reality.



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