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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

10 November 2010: Charles Meader, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

God wants to be with us always

In common with many millions of people all around the world I watched the TV images of the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile recently.

The scenes of this remarkable rescue - a brilliant engineering feat - were very moving, joyful and uplifting.

Each rescued miner showed both remarkable courage and dignity. So many of them not only thanked God for their lives but said that they always knew he would save them. Some even knelt in prayer before embracing their loved ones.

As one of the miners said: "There were not 33 of us trapped underground but 34 for God was with us." They doubtless drew strength and comfort from sensing God's presence with them.

It is so often the case in times of crisis that we turn to God for help. In a different context God could be found at the ruins of the World Trade Centre and in the tears of Dunblane. But as the Chilean miners have shown us God wants to be with us all the time, every single day.

He is ever present in the routine of our daily lives, at work, in our homes, in shopping and in our leisure hours. All we need to do is to embrace him.

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