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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

22 December 2010: Patsy Robinson Petersfield Methodist Church

Living Water

I find it hard to eat my home-made chicken pie without gravy, so one day last spring I thawed the last of our Christmas turkey stock, thickened and seasoned it, and left it in a jug to keep warm while the pie was cooking. However, when I was ready to dish up, I forgot the jug was there and knocked it over, watching helplessly as all that nutritious gravy poured onto the kitchen floor. At dinner, chewing on dry pie, I felt suddenly like Jonah bewailing the loss of his shady vine, and imagined God speaking to me, too, saying 'You feel this upset about missing your gravy; how much more do I feel for my children missing out on the grace I pour out day after day? But they are eating dry food, not receiving, using and enjoying what has been provided for them.'

Next day in Salisbury cathedral I was admiring the modern font, a Celtic-cross-shaped table covered with smooth water pouring endlessly down from its four corners. Watching visitors come and go, guides talk about history, tourists take countless pictures of their friends reflected in the water, I wondered tearfully 'Do they get it, or do they see only the architecture?'

Like this water, grace and mercy are pouring abundantly out of heaven. Because of Jesus's sacrifice and extraordinary victory over evil, the way is now open for us ordinary people to receive forgiveness, reconciliation and real life. And still He's calling out: "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink".

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