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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

2 February 2011: Joan Littlefield, St. Mark's Shard Church, Bordon

Thank You

Recently I read that some tribes in Ecuador have no words for 'thank you' so never say it. Someone living among them found this exhausting. Imagine how strange if for all 2011 we never heard these words again.

When small I was encouraged to write my thanks for gifts, and still do as a senior citizen. Last year I received a handwritten letter, such a joy, and inside was a photo of a little lad holding up a big sign saying "thank you", after his third birthday presents came. His Mum was showing him how to say thank you and what an object lesson for him.

It's not that we give expecting thanks but it's lovely when thanks are graciously given. Courtesy costs nothing but is worth a lot when received. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this year drivers displayed courtesy instead of road rage?

I'm sure it would cut NHS costs when treating health issues! Likewise, when someone recovers from illness, when a lost item is found and when life is especially good, surely we should acknowledge our God from all good things come, and simply says "Thank you Lord."

It's a habit I'd like to see catching on!

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