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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

2 March 2011: Melanie Evans, St. Peter’s Church, Petersfield


How often do you open a cupboard or a drawer, to sort through the contents with the intention of throwing stuff in the rubbish bin? How often is something put back because it holds so many memories, perhaps happy ones, exciting ones and even sad memories?

Memories are handed down through the generations by word of mouth to keep alive important events in the life of a community, tribe or family. Memories are handed down through written works such as diaries, autobiographies and historical records. Memories have and are still captured in artist portraits and on film.

The Bible is an example of memories passed on through word of mouth and written communications. From the earliest books of the Bible we have memories of the creativeness, love and promises of God which became fulfilled in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, whose life is recorded in the New Testament. Jesus helped, healed and taught the people around him, but it made him enemies who eventually killed him by hanging him alive on a cross, which was the way the Romans dealt with their criminals. These evens in Jesus life were all played out against the memories of God’s love in saving His people in the Old Testament.

Memories can be painful if we have done something wrong. We know we have hurt other people and it may hurt us years later as we regret our actions. Through Jesus’ death, resurrection, going into Heaven, and giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we are promised that we are forgiven for the memories of hurt.

Our church services today keep alive those precious memories from the Bible, that:

  1. In the sad memory, we are comforted.
  2. In the happy memory, we are forgiven.
  3. In the exciting memory, we can look forward to seeing Jesus in Heaven.
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