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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

16 March 2011: Captain Cheryle Cox, Salvation Army, Petersfield

Life is full of mysteries and news

I admit I am no expert in what causes the earth to react in powerful and dangerous ways, I don't really understand why lightning flashes and thunder claps, I know a little about the names of clouds but that's about it. I don't understand the reason for natural major disasters but I know the affect it has when we hear of one in the news.

We are used to bad news, what with wars and terrorism. No one wants to hear this sort of news, but it does stir interest! The Salvation Army paper the War Cry is one, which contains good news; it's a good paper to read to cheer us up. Yes, it's true that it does cover major disasters such as tsunamis, flash flooding, and earthquakes etc, but it does so in the same 'breath' as it tells of the Good News, and that makes it easier to bear.

With the Good News that when Jesus died he returned to show us He was still alive, He gave the world something it had never experienced before. 'Hope' and 'reassurance', that death cannot claim us, for Christ gave us eternal life, a place to go when we leave this earth. That's the News we want to hear. So often God is blamed when the news is bad, but God doesn't make bad things happen, instead He is there to pick up the pieces.

In the news recently we heard about the second earthquake to hit Christchurch New Zealand in five months. With the number of dead rising every day, our prayers go out to the loved ones of the missing or dead, but all Christians take comfort that because of Jesus there is no death in the truest of meanings, and amongst the tears and sorrow, He holds them in the crook of his arms. Isaiah 43:5, 'Do not be afraid I am with you.'

In these times of uncertainty, there is one thing that we can be sure of, and that is the 'Good News' of God's unfathomable love.

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