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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

23 March 2011: Robin Ive, Petersfield United Reformed Church

The greatest book ever written

We have been reminded recently of the 400 years Anniversary of the King James Bible. The Bible for the first time was in the language of the people. It has made a tremendous difference to our society by encouraging people to start schools, hospitals, reform prisons, abolish slavery and help the poor. Many of our laws have been based on biblical concepts, and have made us a great nation.

 Sadly in recent years this wonderful book has been neglected by the majority of people, but the message it brings has not changed. Although the Bible has encouraged many to help the social needs of the nation, it’s main concern is our relationship with our creator.

Right through the Bible from the beginning, God shows us that we are made in His image and therefore gave us  free will to choose evil as well as good. Our God is perfect and no evil can enter His Kingdom, therefore as we all have failed we  cannot therefore enter His Kingdom.
The Bible’s main purpose is to reveal God’s plan to overcome the consequences of evil in the human life by coming into this world as a man in Jesus, and ultimately dying a terrible death in crucifixion and rising again on the third day as our substitute  for all the evil we have committed. If we believe this, we can be made righteous in God’s sight, so allowing us to enter God’s eternal kingdom and experiencing His Spirit to strengthen us in service to Him.

This can start now as we claim these promises. Why not read John’s gospel for yourself?

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