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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

30 March 2011: Simon Mason, Life Church Petersfield

Jesus calms the storm

There seems to be a lot of bad news about at the moment, especially from abroad. Whether it's the earthquake in New Zealand, or the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan, demonstrations in Bahrain and Yemen, or France, Britain and the USA imposing the no-flight zone in Libya, it's easy to think that times are tough and we might despair of knowing what we can do to help.

But we might be able to help in a practical, material way, or possibly by giving money. And, of course, we can also pray to God.

In Matthew's gospel, Jesus had been healing people and teaching the crowds. He then set off in a boat, with his disciples, across the lake. He fell asleep. In the meantime a furious storm began, so severe that it seemed that the boat would sink. The disciples were very concerned. They woke Jesus up, because they thought they were going to drown, and they asked him to save them. He asked them why they were so afraid, commenting on their lack of faith. He spoke to the winds and the waves, and everything became immediately calm. The disciples were amazed.

Whatever the situation, good or bad, God is there. As Jesus calmed the storm, so his presence in our lives, and in the world, will make difficult situations easier to bear. Only he will bring the peace and justice that we seek.

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