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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

6 April 2011: Joan Littlefield, St. Mark's Shared Church, Bordon

Grandmothers too

Traditionally we think of Mothering Sunday and this year my thoughts are for my Dad's Mother - my Gran who died when I was a child. Grandad, their four sons and six daughters mourned her greatly, we all did. She left no Will, having very few worldly goods, but a written note was found, asking her family all to care for one another, and especially for the boys to look after their sisters.

My Dad, her eldest son, took this to heart, and all his life cared for his two youngest sisters until his death at 87, when I continued this commitment. Their generation have been known for longevity, one was almost 105! But Dad's "two girls", as he knew them, one died at 90 in 2002, and his remaining sister, last of the family, died this Spring at nearly 101 years - her 100th celebration was last Easter Sunday.

Two thoughts repeat - "divine duty" and "end of an era". To Dad and me it was the former, and so many folk now are using the latter phase. It truly is the end of an era! My husband has helped throughout, and we thank God we've been given strength to honour this particular Mother's memory, over many years.

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