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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

25 May 2011: Jane Burchell, Petersfield Evangelical Church

Café Church

The Café Church meets on Sunday evening, once a month, at Costa Coffee in Rams Walk. On 8th May our MP, Damien Hines, was invited to talk about “The Big Society”, the Conservative initiative aimed at giving “citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want.”
There followed a discussion on how we can contribute to our local community - by helping and looking out for our neighbours and volunteering for local charities etc. Someone asked “What would Jesus make of the Big Society?”

That got me thinking about what Jesus taught; he went about doing good. He had compassion on the poor and needy. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. He did not worry about what other people thought about him. The religious leaders despised him because he socialised with social outcasts.

Jesus taught 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' Looking out for Number One was alien to Jesus’ thinking. He wants us to follow his example and think of others before ourselves. Even in tough economic times or maybe because of them we should all find time for compassion for others.

Regardless of political persuasion, we should hold out a hand in friendship to our neighbours, not just those who live next door but everyone in our community. If we all helped a little more, thought of others a bit more, then we would be building the Petersfield we want.

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