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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

15 June 2011: Patsy Robinson, Petersfield Methodist Church

Who's the boss?

Once upon a time I used to have two line-managers, 'Mr A' in the mornings and 'Mr P' in the afternoons.

I found Mr A rather difficult to work for and under his brusque, loud banter I used to feel intimidated and frustrated. I am not casting any blame here, as I'm sure my lack of confidence and too-submissive manner were equally annoying and frustrating for him.

However, it was usually a relief after lunch to go along to the offices of Mr P, an altogether quieter and more understanding gentleman. I found that in the mornings I was becoming quite stressed, worried about what Mr A would demand next as he rattled off commands or hovered over me while I attempted to provide the required information.

One afternoon as I sat peacefully dealing with various items of admin for Mr P, Mr A appeared at the door, clutching a batch of invoices and demanding my attention. My first reaction was to comply, but coming to my senses I was able to smile politely and say 'I'll deal with it first thing tomorrow.'

Thinking about this recently, I have realised how the situation could help me in my Christian walk.

As soon as I gave my life to Jesus, he became my new line-manager. Since then, it's as though my whole life is afternoons!

However much Satan stands at the door and blusters, however much he tries to intimidate me and demand my attention, I can simply say 'You're not my boss now. You have no authority over me.'

How I wish I could always remember this!

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