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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

24 June 2011: Jim Cleverly, Petersfield United Reformed Church

Are you a good listener?

Have you had a proper conversation with your dentist lately? It is more likely that you have been laid back in the chair, unable to respond except with a variety of grunts, whilst the dentist has been talking to you. Hopefully, he will have been explaining what he is going to do to you as the treatment progresses, so that there are no nasty surprises.

It is no bad thing to be forced to listen. We are often all too ready to talk, and to give our opinion on this or that subject, without feeling the need to find out what anyone else has to say about it. Do we treat God like that? Are we too busy telling Him how to run things, or asking Him to satisfy our needs? On the other hand, is He trying to explain what He wants us to do to care for His distressed world and all His suffering people? Are we listening?

We need to take the time to listen to Him, to find out what He wants us to do, to find out how we can serve Him by helping those around us who are in need, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. Only by listening will we be able to hear that "still, small voice". Have you had a proper conversation with God lately?

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