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Faith Comment published in the Petersfield Post

20 July 2011: Mike Knee, St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

Music – our gift in creation

Last week I returned from a music festival to a piece of news that did not receive much coverage here: Argentinean folk singer and songwriter Facundo Cabral, much loved throughout Latin America and a United Nations Messenger of Peace, was gunned down in Guatemala City. What a contrast between the relaxed atmosphere of love and peace at my festival and the brutal silencing of one who had put those same messages across to so many people.

Music has such power to inspire, to move or simply to get us moving, it is all around us and it’s a big part of our lives. And yet, unlike those two other subjects that fill our media, sex and sport, music does not have such an obvious biological function. So why do we have music? It seems to be a true gift to the human race, for our delight and inspiration. It is a powerful expression of worship, too, and much of our greatest music is sacred: Gregorian chant, Mass settings, Negro spirituals. The Psalmist spoke of singing a “new song” to God and offering praise by making a joyful noise with musical instruments.

But music is more than a tool for worship. It is a wonderful expression of our being created in the creative image of God. The universe has its own music, the motions of the stars and planets, the song of birds and the vibrations of atoms. Music is our universal reminder that we share in that divine creativity which runs like a melody through everything that there is.

Web master's note: You may wish to read more about Facundo Cabral - click on this link to BBC web site

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